Swan Infra Shaper 60 min


The innovative synergy of four components:
infrared lamps (for collagen fiber rebuilding), collagen light therapy (for the regeneration of the outer skin layer),
ionization system (great influence of negative ions), and a stepper (to activate all muscle groups). This
combination is a wonderful support of body shaping.
Collagen light therapy is a process of skin irradiation with mild red light waves. It rebuilds and strengthens collagen and stimulates cells to produce it more. It helps to reduce wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. It smoothes scars and soothes acne lesions, speeds up wound healing.
Nowadays we really need negative ions. Computers and smartphones emit positive ions which are damaging to our health. The ionizer emits the most similar ions to those produced by nature. They have a wonderful influence on our health and mood.
The process of infrared radiation – electromagnetic – is, in very simple words, about the thermal effect.  The wonderful effect of IR reduces skeletal muscle tension, has an analgesic effect increasing the threshold of pain sensation, increases metabolism, and stimulates skin’s thermal receptors. It expands the skin’s blood vessels, increases thermogenesis, and stimulates deeper vessels.
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