Multipolar RF 30 min.


Deep polarized action of a multipolar radio wave.
Radio waves treatment is one of the most effective methods of cellulite and fat tissue reduction. RF waves work on superficial tissues and reach also deep layers of the skin and fat cells. It is anti-aging, it stimulates collagen production, makes the skin more elastic and firmer. The treatment is designed not only for the body but also for the neck, cleavage, and face.
The warmth on the skin, which is caused by radio waves, starts a process of shortening and concentration of collagen or its partial denaturation. It depends on the frequency of the waves and the duration time of the process. With the age, there are fewer and fewer collagen fibers in the dermis. They become stretched and their structure is unordered. Warming the skin makes the collagen fibers tense again and it stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastane. Moreover, it widens blood vessels so the nutrition, oxygenation, and metabolism of the skin are increased.
The warmth. which is caused by radio waves, inducts the process of selective term lipolysis in the fat tissue. It divides triglycerides in adipocytes into free fatty acids and glycerol. We can also observe increased blood circulation and metabolism so the fat tissue is reduced.
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