Beauty Shaper 30 min.


The endermologie enriched with radiofrequency (RF) waves, infrared laser, and ultrasonic liposuction. It is the revolution in modeling problematic parts of the body. It uses the newest solutions of aesthetic cosmetology. It works on the whole body and the face in a complex way.

The treatment which uses the head making a vacuum underpressure massage improves the blood supply of fat tissue. Additionally, it uses a biostimulation IR laser which works in shallow layers of the skin, increases the temperature in fat tissues, and boosts metabolism. Moving rolls (emitting RF waves) make a lymphatic system permeable and improve detoxification.

During the treatment epithelium of fat cells is destroyed thanks to an external source of ultrasounds which exert a micro-massage effect on fat tissue. Broken fat cells, actually fatty acid and glycerol, are transported to the liver through vascular and lymphatic systems. Then they are treated in the same way as fat cells provided with the food.

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