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Studio Figura is an international expert in Slimming Therapy with over 1000 branches around the world. 


Weight loss is hard but possible. We help woman around the world to set their goals and achieve them with the support of advanced technology, bespoke programs, and a positive attitude 🙂


Provides training stations with Vacu devices. The application of pressure during the workout with cardio devices makes you burn calories 2 times faster.


Provides devices to activate lymph circulation and to remove the products of metabolism. This section promotes detox, relaxation, blood circulation, and intensively removes cellulite.


Provides devices that use ultrasounds, radiofrequency, and freezing to destroy unnecessary fat cells once and forever. Our signature treatments include Cryo Therapy, Ultrasound liposuction, Multipolar radiofrequency, HIFU, LPG, and many more.

Why studio figura?

Weight loss


Due to our unique technology of the cardio fitness zone, now you can exercise burning calories faster. Our cardio Vacu Shape devices are designed to increase the performance of physical exercise, boost metabolism, and stimulate weight loss.

destroy fat cells

Do you have spine problems or other health issues that stop you from exercising? Or perhaps would you like to get rid of the last, most stubborn tummy fat? Non-invasive liposuction is a solution for you. Using ultrasound, radiofrequency, and low temperature treatments you can decrease the fat storage in problematic areas.

personal approach

The team of trainers and therapists is dedicated to set your goals and support you all the way to success. We are a brand established by women, for women, and your success is ours. Our mission is to lead women to their dream figure and emotional balance.

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Our treatments




liposuction by ultrasound

Fat cells break down
Painless and non-invasive
Treatments every 3-4 days
Required to intake 2-3 l of water daily
RESULTS: Fat tissue reduction from 2 to 10 cm.

Endermo Massage

Vacuum Massage with RF Light and Radiofrequency
Painless and non-invasive
Oxygenates, improves the blood circulation
Clears the lymphatic system
Removes toxins from the body
RESULTS: Body contour, Anticellulite. Helps to remove the fat cells after Ultrasound Liposuction

Radiofrequency slimming

RF Stimulates the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin structures
Painless and non-invasive
Effects visible after one session
RESULTS: Slimming anr removal of stubborn fat cells.
Longivity and rejuvenation of skin, Firming effect.

fat freezing

up t 4 heads in one session
Fat cells break down under the temperature
of -8 Celcjus degrees
Treatment every 14 days
Required daily water intake 2-3 l.
Up to 4 areas in one session.
RESULTS: Fat tissue reduction from 2 to 12 cm.
Removes stubborn fats from targeted areas.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Penetrates the skin and fat tissues.
RESULTS: Intensive skin lifting for body and face. By tightening the skin, HIFU reduces water retention.
The results are visible after one session.


lymphatic drainage

Gentle massage that clears the lymphatic system and detoxifies
An essential complementation of the cosmetology treatments.
RESULTS: Detox, slimming, relaxation and well being

roll Shaper

Madero Therapy with Infrared Light is an slimming treatment that improves the lymph circulation and fat cells detoxification
An essential complementation of the cosmetology treatments.
RESULTS: Detox, slimming,anticellulite, relaxation and well being

full body massage

RESULTS: Detox, slimming, relaxation and well-being



Excercise and burn calories 2 x faster

Excercise with Vacuum and Infrared Light Devices are the essential part of weigh loss programs at Studio Figura
RESULTS: Detox, slimming ,anticellulite, relaxation and well being
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